Community Fundraising Programs

The fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to raise funds for our school! It takes nothing but a few seconds of your time and giving your student a quick “job” to do to drop things off at school. Please look below to see how you can help to support Pole Green without spending any extra money at all! And as a bonus, the classroom with the most items collected each month earns a class prize of a new playground ball and a shout-out on the morning announcements.

Box Tops

Companies work with Box Tops to support our schools. Each item that we report for our school earns us $0.10. This is an app-based process where you just designate Pole Green as your school to support and then scan your receipts each time you make purchases. You only have 14 days to scan your receipts, so make it part of your shopping or bill paying process to scan those receipts 

Coke Codes

Donate your Coke codes to Pole Green! You can do this in two ways: You can enter your coke codes at and then follow the prompts to donate them to Pole Green Elementary. Or you can send us your Coke Codes (your bottle caps or the cardboard tear off ends to the can packs) and put them in the collection buckets just outside of your child’s classroom door. We will enter them on and donate them for you. Either way our students and our school can benefit every time you enjoy a coke product! 

TerraCycle of Entenmann's Little Bites Wrappers

You and your children can enjoy your mini muffins at home or at school. Then you just send the empty packaging to school with your child and they place then in the yellow bin near the “out” door of the cafeteria. We send them in for recycling which helps the earth while earning money for our school in the process. A win-win situation! 

Evolve Recycle of Printer Ink Cartridges

When you change your printer cartridges at home, we can recycle the old cartridges for you. Just send those old cartridges in to school with your child and ask them to place them in the blue or green bins near the “out” door of the cafeteria. We send them all in to be recycled which helps the earth, we even make money off of the most popular cartridges. 

Pop Tops Collection and Recycling

Join us in collecting Pop Tops and sending them into the school. You can collect off of drinks, food containers, pet food containers, etc. Any metal pop top will work. Just send them to the school and your child will put them into the bucket just outside the door of their classroom. This program will support a PTA fund for students in our own community who are in need of a little extra support in order have what they need to be successful at school. You can check our progress when you are in the building. Look for the plastic bin in the waiting area of the office to see how many we have collected so far!