Building & Grounds                   Shannon Atwood          

PTA Board

Building and Grounds- Develops, maintains and implements landscaping plans for Pole Green with the help of teachers, parents and students. 

PTA Governance--Important Documents

Arts in Education- Coordinates PTA Reflections program, helps to arrange other performances, helps with the Science Fair, and assists Resource Departments with various activities.

School Contacts

Teacher/Staff Appreciation            Amber Hancock          

Watch D.O.G.S. Coordinator- Schedules and recruits dads to come into school to volunteer in the classroom and school.

Holiday Open House- Organizes the Holiday Open House.

Dance- Organizes the school dance. 

Holiday Open House & 
Social Media                                          Kim Hodges       

Newsletter                                           Maurice Aufderheide 

 Volunteer Coordinator- Coordinates volunteers for PTA and school sponsored activities, monitors volunteer hours and recognizes volunteer time for volunteer of the month and year 

PTA Membership- Organizes, encourages and monitors membership for the Pole Green PTA

Hospitality                                          Rebecca Waldron     

Our PTA Board

Spirit Night                                            Pamela Horst                 

County Council, 
Bylaws Committee & Website     Jon Cliborne           

Hospitality- Organizes 5th grade promotion ceremony, Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, Granola with Grans, Movie nights, and other student functions throughout the year

The PTA Board is here to assist you;

please contact any of the members below if we can help.

County Council and Bylaws- Advises PTA of necessary legislative actions, advises board on proper PTA procedures, assists with Bylaws compliance. Assists with writing bylaws. Attends county council meetings. 

Dance                                                         BreeAnn Getridge

Newsletter- Assists with PTA newsletter

Grants, Donations & 
PTA Award for Excellence              Kristi Arnold          

Arts in Education                         Chico Martinez             

Notifications                                       Sam Hudgins                  

Fundraising                                             Nia Gibson           

Spirit Night- Organizes Spirit Nights. 

​​​President                                      Stephanie Beardslee   

Vice President                             Amber Hancock            

Treasurer                                        Angie Wojkicki               

Recording Secretary                 Stasia Strobach              

Corresponding Secretary      Jess Welsh                       

Watch D.O.G.S. 

Coordinator                                          Clark Jennings               

Notification- Coordinates the flyers for all PTA events. 

Committee Chairs & Board Members

Community Programs- Coordinates Box Tops and other retail programs. Assists with community programs. 

Grants, Donations and PTA Excellence- Researches and applies for grants and programs that will benefit the growth and safety of the school and our children. Coordinates and submits application for National PTA Excellence award. 

2020-2021 Executive Board

Teacher/Staff Appreciation- Acknowledges teachers and staff on a regular basis throughout the year, birthday treats, meals, holiday open house, etc. 

Principal                                           Rhonda Voorhees        

Teacher Representative          Amy Gordon                   

Community Programs              Heather Weston           

Fundraising- Coordinates fundraising events 

Volunteer Coordinator & 

Membership                                           Nikole Sparacio          

Pole Green Elementary School -PTA